How much do you know about cars? Even if you do not own one, surely you know some things about it. Especially some car parts as you can see them literally. As you also know their characteristics so you can pretty guess some of the basic car parts. One of the most basic and also important part is the engine. There are people who make a car purchase due to the car engine model. There are specific features that they will choose.

As it is one that makes the foundation of the car so it is really an important one. Another common car part is the axle. This is the part that has the mission to transfer power from the engine going into the wheels for operation. They are in the bad condition when you can hear a noise that comes from it. Brakes are also essential and they are basic. A car that has no brake is not a car. It should contain one and it should be maintained.

The radiator comes also in the list and they are located under the hood. This has the duty to make the engine cool down so that it will not overheat. You will also know that there is the AC compressor, shock absorbers, the muffler, the alternator, and engine air filter. There are more car parts but these are the basic. It is a fact that there are thousands of materials that are used to make one car.